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Johnsons Mortgages was created to provide advice to existing clients of its sister company Johnsons Chartered Accountants. Building on this initial success, we now service clients independent of our tax and accountancy roots. We use our expansive knowledge of all things financial to find the best deals out there for our clients. Often this means widening our client’s horizons and thinking out of the box.


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Johnsons Mortgages was set up by Johnsons Chartered Accountants to provide regulated mortgage advice to existing clients. Although at the time the trend was for accountancy and tax firms to not get involved in financial regulated activities, the model has proven successful and we have now grown our own client base independent of our tax and accountancy roots. 


The range of mortgage and products has expanded and we are active in all areas of funding raising and financial protection as a whole of market broker.


We are led by Stuart Thomson and Jaafar Saghir both of whom have extensive experience of raising funds for a wide range of ventures from individual homes to developments and even large national infrastructure projects. The administration team is headed by Jonathan Lumb.

Johnsons Mortgages prides itself on understanding client needs and then delivering a range of options tailored to meet these requirements. Our ability to understand in greater depth enables us to provide solutions which might otherwise be missed. We specialise in buy to let and more complex property needs and as we work closely with Johnsons’ expert team of tax advisors, we can develop funding solutions for all sorts of tax driven events.


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